Below you will find thumbnails and short descriptions of past and current projects that I have under taken. Feel free to read complete details by utilizing the available links.

Ancestry24 is the largest South African genealogy websites with hundreds of databases resulting in millions of records. Users are able to do genealogy research and build your family trees. Ancestry24 is built on top of WordPress using BuddyPress as the social netoworking platform. I currently maintain and develop for this project with a small team of PHP developers. We've recently overhauled Ancestry24 from WordPress MU to WordPress 3.x. The backend has been rebuilt with new search functionality, we rebuilt search which now uses Solr to compile it's complex queries. We've also upgraded the shopping cart and member capabilities to suit the needs of the business.

Better Debtor
Better Debtor is a debt management and debt counseling company specializing in debt consolidation and debt rehabilitation based in Cape Town. I've completed two projects for this company, initially they required a tool to mange the user referral system, with it's success they decided to commission a complete CRM solution to manage and create referral campaigns. From the back office, Better Debtor can detect positive leads from the Debt Calculator which is a feature of the CRM. Tracking and following up leads is simple as well as setting up mailers, mailer templates and user & lead management. This project was developed using PHP and MySQL on a SMARTY framework.

UNDER1ROOF is a guide to buying > Kitchens | Taps | Beds | Bathrooms | Furniture | Gardens | Home Decor | and More. A portal for anything for your house, under one roof of course! I developed this website from the ground up in PHP using MySQL as the database solution. This is a complete portal management system bundled with a content management system. Features include, Advertising and advertiser management, user portfolios, user data mining. product galleries, internal message and mailer system, bulk mailing.

Trailblazers is an corporate for BEE movers and shakers, I was commissioned to develop and create their mass mail marketing campaign for their invitees. This project required that I develop the marketing application to be developed in ASP using VB Script which tied in with a Microsoft SQL as the database solution. The application dispatched mailers as well as managing invitee responses. A advanced reporting system was included that could create custom results which could be exported in various formats.

Toni Glass Collection
The Toni Glass Collection consists of top teas, I was commissioned to develop a brochure website to market some of the finest tea that money can but. This website was developed in basic HTML with JavaScript and DHTML.

Light Kinetics
Light Kinetics is a LED Lighting & Renewable Energy Specialists. Light Kinetics required a brochure website to show case their various lighting products. I developed this site with HTML and JavaScript. There are a few form processing areas whereby PHP was used to process user input.

Natures Frame
Nature's frame was a proffesional photography website. Nature's frame required a website whereby they could manage, market and sell their photography, a complete gallery management system that would allow administrators to create galleries, assign tags and categories to photos. Image management as well as they need to use and internal and external message system. I developed this site using PHP and MySQL.

Pro Sales
Pro Sales specialize in Professional audio and video equipment sales. This is a brochure website developed in HTML

SA Jewelry Link
SA Jewelry Link is and B2B online merchant in the jewelry industry. This a PHP application using MySQL for data management. Companies are able to set up accounts, browse available stock, create online orders and utilize the online shopping experience.

iDebt is a social networking site for the printing industry written in PHP and MySQL. The application allows like minded users to network allowing them to share bad debtor information which helps them from future fraud. Administrators of iDebt facilite bad debtors using an array of forum tools and messaging technology


Infinity Bulk Mail Manager
Infinity is a bulk mail manager that was commissioned by an insurance firm. The mailer software boast features such as mailer scheduling, mail tracking, multipart emails, special event mailings, mailer templates, personalized email, campaign management, RIO on mail drops, etc. This is a bespoke PHP application with a MySQL database.

Ideal Toy
Ideal toy is a brochure website showcasing toy brands that they import into South Africa. The website list products and has a store locator.

Golden Spices
The Golden Spices website is a brochure website consisting of HTML, JavaScript and Adobe Flash. The aim of the site is to market and generate leads in the form of retailers, supermarkets, butchers, restaurants, etc

Tony Bales
Tony Bales is a boutique property professional specialising in the sale of office, industrial and retail investment properties in Southern Africa. I developed Tony Bales a CMS (content management system) in PHP 5 using MySQL to manage data. This CMS features SEO friendly URLs (permalinks), photo galleries, document management system (DMS), integrated Google Maps as well as a mini customer relationship management system (CRM).

Citadel will guide financially responsible people through the process of securing and maintaining their financial independence. I was involved in a project where I to create end of the year bulk mailer campaign coupled with mailer templates and content.

Central Rand Gold
Central Rand Gold Limited is focused on gold prospecting and mining in the Central Rand Goldfield of South Africa. I was commissioned to complete their original website, this website was developed in classic ASP using Visual Basic. The website features, company share prices, company profile, mining operation and investor material.

Donna Mia Build a Bracelet
Build a Bracelet is a browser based application that allows you to design your own bracelet in real time, calculating costs with options of selecting from multiple bead trays. I developed this application as part of a website campaign for Donna Mia. This application was written in HTML, AJAX and PHP.

African Anthology - Last Minute Specials
African Anthology is collection of luxury game lodges and reserves in South Africa. I developed a small CRM application that allowed African Anthology to publish last minute specials which would only available to a select group of travel agencies. This tool was developed using PHP and MySQL